Friday, October 30, 2009

If you volunteer your time to make Matawan a better place, you deserve applause.

We advise, you decide

If you volunteer your time to make Matawan a better place,
you deserve applause.

After witnessing a car accident that set an engine on fire, shooting flames thirty feet in the air, the sight of volunteer firefighters jumping from their trucks in the middle of Route 34 to put out the flames left a sense of awe that these brave men were doing this as volunteers.

Watching your son make a game ending catch in centerfield or your daughter dribble a soccer ball through two defenders before passing to her teammate is only possible because parents volunteer as coaches, league organizers and sometimes taxi drivers.

The Memorial Day Parade is the best display of Matawan Volunteers.
A mile long stream of residents and children proud to show their participation in all the best Matawan has to offer. With an escort by The Matawan Police Department, representatives from every organization march from Saint Clements Church to the Train Station. Waving flags and shouting to neighbors and friends while the High School Band plays the Star-Spangled Banner, Matawan celebrates a somber National Holiday by showing its appreciation for those who make Matawan a better place.

Matawan Church Groups make their own floats, The Historical Society endures the walk in period clothing from another century, Matawan Senior Groups entertain us with renditions of golden oldies and Boys and Girls Scout Groups throw candy to the crowds along Main Street. All the youth sports groups are represented by a rainbow of different colored team shirts. The Fire Departments in dress uniforms march behind their Fire Engines that are polished reflections of their dedication and service.

The parade reminds us that there are many volunteer organizations in Matawan and every volunteer adds something that makes Matawan a better place to live. It is time to expect the same from our elected officials. We need people in office who can make Matawan a better place to live.

We need to elect Mullaney and Paolini on November 3.

How much longer can Matawan afford to be penny wise and pound foolish?

We advise, you decide

How much longer can Matawan afford to be penny wise and pound foolish?
In other words, how much longer can the foolish policies of Mayor Buccellato continue to cost Matawan real money while saving pennies?

In an effort to reduce utility costs, Mayor Buccellato decided to let the borough employees work a four-day week. The real savings have still not been presented to the council even after repeated requests although the Mayor has stated that it’s in the thousands of dollars. One, two, maybe three thousand dollars. Borough Hall is still open on Fridays and it still has heat and air conditioning and electricity and it’s still staffed with custodians, it’s just not open to transact business.

This (not so) ingenious policy was implemented in the middle of the largest development project in Matawan in decades, The Preserve by American Properties. This 157 unit condominium project will yield Matawan Borough up to $1,000,000 in real estate taxes upon completion. And yet, Matawan closes borough hall down an extra day a week during construction.

This has caused delays in permits, inspections and access to borough ordinances. Assistance from the Borough Administrator, Patriot Consulting, is limited to 15 hours per week. The Mayor determined that would be sufficient time for the Borough Administrator to solve Matawan’s financial crisis and resolve any issues with the developer. American Properties has been very patient but you have to wonder where is the wisdom in cutting services to save pennies when the increase in real estate tax revenue is so substantial.

How much longer can Matawan provide perks to borough employees at the expense of commercial development? The borough is in a financial crisis and in desperate need of additional tax ratables and the Mayor takes steps to delay construction and postpone tax collection.

Matawan needs elected officials that have vision and can see the big picture.

Stop the Republican Road Blocks to Recovery

We advise, you decide

Stop the Republican Road Blocks to Recovery

One term is not enough for the Matawan Democrats to turn around years of Republican delays that have lead to the decay of Matawan.

The Matawan Democrats replaced the long-time Borough Auditor, a sole practitioner, with a full service CPA firm. Last year, this firm uncovered a $213,000 overpayment to the Matawan Aberdeen Board of Education. The Matawan Republicans then fired the CPA firm.

The train station development has stalled due to the economy but now the Matawan Republicans eager to give out government contracts are jumping on the “Save the Dams” bandwagon. The Matawan Democrats believe these dams are the responsibility of the county and will fight to save your tax dollars from being spent on the dams.

Government contracts beget government contracts and as long as The Matawan Republicans are awarding these contracts the Matawan Taxpayers will lose.

The Mayor of Matawan lists his private architectural firm’s “Focus” as: “Government Offices”

This is the same Mayor who wants to prevent a tire salesman and a tow truck owner from providing services to Matawan’s emergency vehicles. When will this mayor disclose the amount of government contracts his firm has been awarded?

The Matawan voters can’t afford to be na├»ve. Look around and see what years of Republican leadership under Paul Buccellato has wrought.

When someone asks where you live, are you proud to say Matawan?
It’s time to restore that pride.

It’s time to elect the Matawan Democrats to get Matawan back on track.

ONE TERM IS NOT ENOUGH to correct the decades of incompetent financial management by Matawan Republicans

We advise, you decide

ONE TERM IS NOT ENOUGH to correct the decades of incompetent financial management by Matawan Republicans.

In 2008, Matawan Borough borrowed $300,000 in “Emergency Funds” from the 2009 budget to pay for 2008 expenses.

The Republicans offered many excuses,

Blaming the Democrats-original
Blaming the cost of insurance-finally dropping the self-insurance
that was recommended three years earlier by the Democrats
Blaming the loss of state aid-while still receiving more aid per capita than most towns

The Republicans failed to mention the $213,000 overpayment to the Matawan-Aberdeen Board of Education that will be returned in 2009. This overpayment was discovered by the Audit Firm hired by the Democrats and then fired by the Republicans.

The Republicans failed to mention the loss from Train Station of almost $70,000. Remarkably, the train station is projected to breakeven in 2009.

2008 2009

Railroad Income $125,000 $245,608
Railroad Expenses 192,805 245,608

Net (Loss) $( 67,805) 0

The Republicans failed to mention that $276,959 of 2008 expenses were not even paid until 2009. Emergency funds or election deception?

Don’t be mislead by the Republican Excuses,
Vote Mullaney and Paolini for Matawan Borough Council,
A successful businessman and a lawyer.
Vote for Business leaders with real financial experience.

Why all the Mullaney and Paolini signs on Matawan’s businesses and commercial properties?

We advise, you decide

Why all the Mullaney and Paolini signs on Matawan’s businesses and commercial properties?

Could it have something to do with the problems routinely encountered at Borough Hall by the Matawan business community?

How much longer can Matawan survive without new business ratables?

The business community is solidly behind the Democrats after years of the failed Republican strategy to concentrate on the train station development and ignore the businesses that are struggling to survive.

One Main Street business was forced to postpone opening over some petty violation with an interior door closing, other businesses have reported lost applications and incomplete instructions. Oddly, the Mayor recently suggested that he would consider lifting the background check requirement for new businesses, the fastest and cheapest part of the process. Big surprise that he again misses the big picture, Matawan needs to become business friendly again. Commercial properties pay real estate taxes at the same rate as residences but they don’t cost the Board of Education a penny. They help alleviate the school tax burden considerably.

The businesses in town respect Bud Mullaney and know that he is an asset to the Borough Council. These local businesspeople understand the struggle to remain in Matawan and they’ve endorsed the candidates who can help them remain here, with or without the train station development. Main Street needs help now, Main Street needs Mullaney and Paolini.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We Proudly Introduce The Democratic Candidates for Matawan Council

We Proudly Introduce The Democratic Candidates for Matawan Council

When the town is a financial mess, what is the best course of action? Look to the governing body for a solution. Their response will speak volumes about the direction they would like Matawan to take.

The Matawan Democrats would like to address the financial problems by electing councilmen with track records of success. They have nominated candidates with experience and solid financial backgrounds.

The incumbent, Joseph “Bud” Mullaney, is a local business owner who with his wife, Mary, raised their three children on Edgemere Drive. He worked hard to put all three through college and his two sons continue to work in Matawan. Joe, Jr. has an MBA and manages the family business and Michael a Doctor of Physical Therapy has opened a practice on Main Street with his wife. His daughter was a councilperson in Matawan before moving to Aberdeen. He and Mary have four grandchildren. Bud has served his first three year term and is looking forward to another three years with the experience he has gained from his first term.

Continuity has been a problem for Matawan’s politicians in past elections. The phrase, “one and done” has applied to “terms served” too often in Matawan. The experience gained from serving a term in office is invaluable when budgeting and capital projects are prepared annually. Currently, only Mayor Buccellato and Councilman Cannon have served more than one term. Unfortunately, Councilman Cannon is not seeking re-election. His knowledge and input on all aspects of the council, especially the finance committee will be sorely missed. Matawan has been well served by Michael Cannon, a politician who always put Matawan before partisanship. He has been an independent voice for the improvement of Matawan and his seat will be hard to fill. We wish him well in all future endeavors.

The Matawan Democrats have done their best to select an outstanding candidate for the open position. They have nominated Richard Paolini to run for the seat to be vacated by Councilman Cannon. Richard is an Attorney who works as a Vice President for JP Morgan Chase. He and his wife, Beth, live on Wyckoff Street and they are expecting their first child in March. He is confident that he has much to offer Matawan given his extensive financial and legal background.

Mullaney and Paolini offer voters a chance to rescue Matawan from the financial hardships facing taxpayers. They are proud of where they live and would like to restore Matawan’s reputation as a desirable place to raise a family, locate a business and enjoy the many resources Matawan has to offer.

Let the Sunshine “Laws” In and Matawan will be a better place

We Advise, You Decide

Let the Sunshine “Laws” In and Matawan will be a better place

A responsible governing body makes decisions regarding matters to be discussed in Executive Session vs. Open Meetings. It should base each decision on the need for legitimate privacy not the desire for inappropriate secrecy.
The governing body should make these decisions with the advice of competent and independent legal counsel.

Those serving on governing bodies should use executive session judiciously and wisely. It should never give the appearance of doing something behind the backs of the voting public.

The purpose of executive session in governmental bodies is not to hide important information from the public, but to protect the innocent. As in the case of personnel matters when the information to be discussed could be false and harmful to the employee’s reputation by having someone’s good name damaged by falsehoods if made public. This would also expose the governing body to criticism and possible legal action for spreading falsehoods. A call for executive session is warranted in these types of cases.

The purpose of executive session is not to withhold information from the voting public that exposes prior poor decisions and errors in judgment. It is not to make plans to spend millions of tax dollars without public input. It is simply the wrong thing to hide costly mistakes and expensive projects in executive session when the public has the right to be informed. The misuse of executive session takes away a valuable component of good government, transparency.

In the case of Matawan’s governing body there needs to be more transparency and less secrecy. There will be a definite benefit for the taxpayers to elect a councilman who will ensure that all matters discussed in executive session belong in executive session. A councilman familiar enough with the law to challenge the excuses offered as justification for executive session when an Open Meeting is the right choice for Matawan’s taxpayers.